Thirty Years On

By Keith Brookman

During the 2019/20 season we are going on a journey back in time; thirty years back in time to be precise, to a season that ended in a historic Championship and Rovers’ first ever trip to Wembley!

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It is an exhilarating ride and guaranteed to be a happy finish  [er, except the Wembley result…]

Part 1 – The Awakening

Part 2 – The Beginning [August 1989]

Part 3 – Let the Fight(s) Begin [Sept 1989]

Part 4 – Goalkeepers, Genies & Grandmothers [Oct 1989]

Part 5 – Sad Farewells and Three Times a Reading [Nov 1989]

Part 6 – Brass in Pocket, and the Return of Stan [Dec 1989]

Part 7 – A plethora of pens, but just a hungover two points [Jan 1990] 

Part 8 – Red Shirt Spells Danger [Feb 1990]

Part 9 – Goals, Wins, Sitters and Chocolate [March 1990]

Part 10 – Ten in a month but the future is now in our hands [April 1990]

Part 11 – This is the End, Beautiful Friend [Early May 1990]

Part 12 – Another First, but Third Time Unlucky – a.k.a. don’t expect a Christmas card Mr Callow! [Mid May 1990]

Bristol Rovers 1989-90 squad