Rovers On This Day

From August 2019 Keith Brookman will be bringing you a day-by-day, month-by-month account of landmarks for former and current Rovers players; such as when they signed for the greatest club in the world, made their debut, scored their first goal, have their birthday and, even occasionally, to remember their sad death.

The first instalment (August) can be found HERE

The second effort (September) is available HERE.

The third round (October) is available HERE

The fourth round (November) is available HERE

The fifth round (December) can be found HERE

The sixth round (January) is located HERE for your enjoyment

The seventh round (February) has just been released HERE, and each month will be archived and available via a link on this page.

Micky barrett - 14th August - Credit Alan Marshall
Micky Barrett R.I.P. 14th August 1984 [Photo Credit – Alan Marshall]