Rovers On This Day

Since August 2019 Keith Brookman has been bringing Gasheads and Pirates a day-by-day, month-by-month account of landmarks for former and current Rovers players; such as when they signed for the greatest club in the world, made their debut, scored their first goal, have their birthday and, even occasionally, to remember their sad death.

Find the whole year in the links below, and he’s even carrying on to

The first instalment (August) had its chips nicked by a sky rat & got sunburnt HERE

The second effort (September) went back to school HERE

The third round (October) was rather wet HERE

The fourth round (November) set off some fireworks HERE

The fifth round (December) is wrapping its Christmas pressies HERE

The sixth round (January) had no money left so ate bread HERE for a whole month

The seventh round (February) was sad not to get a Valentine’s Day card HERE

The eighth round (March) sprang out like a daffodil HERE

The ninth round (April) has staggered out of a cave HERE

The tenth round (May) rallied the workers HERE

The penultimate round (June) went to Glastonbury HERE and got a bit wasted

The final round (July) rounded off the year with a flourish HERE

BUT then he returned with a new August that was soooooooooooooooo big that it was split into Part 1 – HERE, and Part – 2 THERE.

Micky barrett - 14th August - Credit Alan Marshall
Micky Barrett R.I.P. 14th August 1984 [Photo Credit – Alan Marshall]