Join the BRFPA

If you are an ex-BRFC player or ex-member of the BRFC team staff, please use this page to officially join us and receive all the benefits of being a Full Member of this exciting new venture.

NOTE – If you are a BRFC supporter we hope to launch an Associate Membership in the near future.  Watch this space and our social media announcements.


How to join for ex-BRFC players and ex-members of the BRFC team staff 

  1. Check you are eligible –  To qualify for full membership of the BRFPA an ex-player must have played just one competitive first team match for Bristol Rovers F.C. (including as a playing substitute).   For ex-staff members they just have to have been on the non-playing team staff.   Loaned players can also become full members by acceptance of the BRFPA committee, so don’t be frightened to sign up as well.
  2. Send us your contact details (see below – this will be safely and confidentially sent directly to Mo Bell, the BRFPA Membership Secretary)
  3. That’s it!  It really is that simple.  You will be added to our contact list and kept in touch with BRFPA news and free events, and opportunities to attend BRFC home matches /  hospitality as our guest.  Full membership is FREE.  We hope to add other benefits in the future.



If you prefer to email your details to us, please send all the information you can to Mo Bell, the BRFPA Membership Secretary – click here to get the email address.