Inaugural Former Players Dinner 2017

To help kick start the fledgling BRFPA, in terms of funds, events and publicity, BRFC organised an ‘Inaugural Former Players Dinner’ for 27th April 2017 at The Memorial Stadium.

The event sold out immediately and saw a staggering 32 former players and staff mixing with Rovers supporters; Gas legends including Jamie Cureton, Steve Elliott, Harold Jarman, Vaughan Jones, Paul Randall, Geoff Twentyman and Steve Yates, plus a rather surprise appearance from none other than Gerry Francis!

The club itself gave amazing support to the event, including the attendance of BRFC President Wael Al Qadi, current manager Darrell Clarke, and current Chairman Steve Hamer.

BRFPA Dinner - 28.4.2017
Full marks to anyone who can correctly place all 32 in the photo, including the man hiding behind Phil Kite, and the miscreant behind Christian McClean [the ‘Anfield cut’ gives that one away…].

Full list of ex-players / staff   (in their table partnerships)

  • Gerry Francis – Guest of Honour as ex-player and manager
Gerry Francis back in the house!
  • Vaughan Jones – Guest Speaker as Players’ Representative on the BRFPA Committee
Vaughan Jones – Introducing the BRFPA
  • Terry Oldfield & Harold Jarman 
Terry Oldfield & Harold Jarman
Terry Oldfield (left) & Harold Jarman (right) making their entrance
oldfield and jarman
and later enjoying the company of Pirates & Gasheads
  • Joe Davis & Graham Day
Joe Davis & Graham Day
Joe Davis (left) & Graham Day (right) take the applause of Gasheads and Pirates
  • Peter Aitken & Tom Stanton
Peter Aitken & Tom Stanton
Peter Aitken (left) & Tom Stanton (right) still looking young
  • Jim Eadie & Phil Kite
the goalies
Here come the goalkeepers’ union…
  • Paul Randall & Martin Thomas
Punky still looking fit
  • Jamie Cureton & Barry Hayles
Jamie Cureton back where he treated gasheads to many of his 78 goals.
  • Geoff Twentyman & Steve Elliott
Geoff Twentyman & Steve Elliott
Geoff Twentyman (left) & Steve Elliott (right) meeting their supporters
  • Danny Coles & Phil Purnell
  • Jeff Meacham & Nick Tanner
  • Gary Smart & Steve Yates
  • Christian McClean & David Mehew
  • Billy Clark & Andy Tillson
  • Frankie Bennett & Bob Bloomer
  • Josh Low & Steve White
  • Simon Bryant & Lewis Hogg


See how many ex-players you can spot in the following photos

Jamie Cureton & Geoff Twentyman


I can see Nick Tanner, Christian McClean, Phil Kite, Andy Tillson, Simon Bryant, Frankie Bennett, Billy Clark, Josh Low, Jamie Cureton, and a certain Mr Wael Al-Qadi as well…  plus several ‘back of heads’