BRFPA Golf Day 2021

We’re back… just

After a year’s absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Bristol Rovers Former Players Association were delighted to stage their Golf Day on Thursday 10th June and the full report is available to read or download HERE

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we were limited in the numbers we were allowed to entertain but that did not detract from the occasion; in fact it meant that the players (who after all are the reason the BRFPA was set up over four years ago!) got the full amount of time to be together again. This usually annual event invites former players to relive old times and to catch up with what is currently happening in their lives.

As usual the Kendleshire Golf Club proved to be excellent hosts and we were honoured to welcome the following former Gas players back to the green grass of Bristol (well, South Gloucs…): Andy Tillson, Paul Hardyman, Paul Tovey, Billy Clark, Andy Sandell, Pete Aitken, Geoff Twentyman, Bob Bloomer, David Mehew, Danny Coles, Craig Hinton, Andy Rammell, Martin Paul and Tom Stanton. We were especially glad to welcome Andy Sandell to his first BRFPA event!

Craig Hinton, Andy Sandell & Andy Rammell

We witnessed another first as well, with several former Bristol City players joining us, resulting in Tommy Doherty, Joe Burnell and Rob Edwards forming a team led by ex Rovers and City defender Danny Coles.

And last but certainly not least, we were honoured to have with us the family of former Rovers player Graham Day who sadly passed away in February of this year. Graham’s brother Terry, one of his sons Matthew, and his nephew Nick Golding were all able to join us as a fitting memorial to Graham. As well as being a very popular player Graham was a great friend and supporter of our Association and we really miss him entertaining the fans (and us) at our events!

Terry Day, Matt Day, Gary Jefferies & Nick Golding

Despite us being unable to invite fans and sponsors this time the day was a great success and the weather held up.

For the record Martin Paul and his team (which included Andy Stewart, a BRFC YTS ‘Class of 1991-93’ alongside Birdy) were the winners of the golf so congratulations went to them but the real congratulations have to be reserved for BRFPA Committee Members Mo Bell and Simon Hedges for their hard work in making the event run so seamlessly.

BRFPA President Billy Clark, Paul Tovey and Paul Hardyman are led by Andy Tillson to the most important hole; the 19th!

All being well we can get back to holding a ‘full-blown’ event next year with everyone who took part this time around expressing a desire to return in 2022, when hopefully the world will be a rather safer and healthier place.

Tony Mills – BRFPA Chair