BRFPA Members

The BRFPA has only been operation since the summer of 2017 but we’ve already encouraged over 100 former players / team staff to officially sign up as Members.

Please help us get everyone signed up by telling any ex-Pirates you know about us.

FULL MEMBERS are those who have played at least one competitive first team match (including as a playing substitute), managers of BRFC and non-playing first team staff.  Loan players can be invited at the discretion of the Committee.


Full members currently (early November 2018) consist of –

Andrew Thomson
Andy Collett
Andy Gurney
Andy Tillson
Anthony Williams
Anwar Uddin
Barry Hayles
Billy Clark
Bob Bloomer
Bobby Gould
Brian Williams
Byron Anthony
Carl Saunders
Che Wilson
Christian Edwards
Christian McClean
Craig Armstrong
Craig Disley
Craig Hinton
Danny Coles
Darryl Duffy
David Gilroy
David Hillier
David Lee
David Mehew
David Pritchard
Devon White
Frank Bennett
Frankie Prince
Gary Penrice
Gary Smart
Garry Thompson
Gavin Kelly
Geoff Twentyman
Giuliano Grazioli
Glyn Jones
Graeme Power
Graham Day
Harold Jarman
Howard Radford
Ian Alexander
Ian Hazel
Ian Weston
Ijah Anderson
James Brown
Jamie Cureton
Jamie Forrester
Jeff Hughes
Jeff Meacham
Jermaine Easter
Jim Eadie
Jo Kuffour
Jonathan French
Josh Low
Josser Watling
Junior Agogo
Kenny Hibbett
Lee Maddison
Lee Mansell
Lee Thorpe
Lewis Hogg
Marco Carota
Marcus Browning
Marcus Stewart
Mark Mckeever
Mark Walters
Martin Paul
Martin Thomas
Matt Lockwood
Matthew Hayfield
Michael Meaker
Mike Davis
Mike Trought
Nathan Blisset
Nathan Ellington
Nick Culkin
Nick Tanner
Nigel Martyn
Paul Miller
Paul Randall
Paul Tovey
Paul Trollope
Peter Aitken
Peter Cawley
Phil Bater
Phil Kite
Phil Purnell
Richard Dryden
Richard Walker
Rickie Lambert
Ross Weare
Ryan Clarke
Sergio Ommel
Simon Bryant
Simon Foster
Steve Elliott
Steve Parmenter
Steve Phillips
Steve White
Steve Yates
Steven Gillespie
Tim Parkin
Tom Parrinello
Tom Ramasut
Tom Stanton
Tony Pounder
Tony Pulis
Trevor Challis
Wayne Carlisle
Wayne Noble
Wayne Powell


Full members sadly since deceased –

Joe Davis R.I.P.

Terry Oldfield – R.I.P.


ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are non-eligible staff or players, such as a player who never played a competitive first team match (including as a playing substitute).

Associate members currently (late March 2018) consist of –

Brian Arthur Clemence
David Wilcox
Devinder Singh
Steve Bissix