Supporting Nik, Supporting Halle, Supporting Many…

Bristol Rovers supporter Nik Weeks, pictured here with his young son, has chosen a novel, but gruelling, way to raise funds for Bristol Rovers Community Trust and TOFS, a charity supporting children born without the ability to swallow, and the Bristol Rovers Former Players Association (BRFPA) are supporting his incredible efforts.

Nik’s fundraising effort was determined after friends Melissa and Jason Steele’s daughter Halle was born with an underdeveloped oesophagus, a condition known as Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula.

Halle, just 10 months old, has undergone 11 operations already, inspiring Nik to do all he can to help, and he is training hard to achieve his target of completing about 150 miles during the week of 3rd August, by running to and from work each day from Coalpit Heath to Portway Docks where he is a harbourside police sergeant.

Mo Bell, the BRFPA’s secretary knows Nik and his family well, as they used to travel together to watch Rovers home and away and brought his challenge of running some 30 miles per day for five consecutive days to our attention.

Needless to say, we were only too happy to sponsor Nik’s efforts and will be donating £250 to help him raise funds for two very worthwhile causes and we hope others will support him in any way they can.

Nik’s original aim was to raise £1,000 and our donation has seen him top £2,000 already and that’s before he starts running!

If anyone reading this would like to contribute, please visit Nick’s Just Giving link.

You can also find more information about ‘TOFS’ by clicking HERE

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