Goodnight to a Legend

Many players are described as ‘legends’ by football supporters, but the truth is that only the very few are deserving of that accolade. One such player was Stuart Taylor, Rovers’ record appearance holder with 546 League games to his name and 627 first class Gas games overall.

To give people an idea of the longevity of his dedication to Rovers, Stuart’s debut in 1966 saw him in the same side as Ray Mabbutt, whereas his final appearance in 1980 saw him yoked in central defence with Ray’s son, Gary Mabbutt.

Today Mr Taylor’s family and friends, including the Bristol Rovers Former Players Association (BRFPA), will say a sad farewell to this gentle giant.

Stuart, who was 72, passed away on 10th October 2019 after a long illness and will be laid to rest today.

Rest In Peace.  Never Forgotten.

Photo Credit Alan Marshall
Stuart Taylor  R.I.P.  [Photo Credit – Alan Marshall]

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