Introducing the BRFPA Team – #2

Billy Clark

The Bristol Rovers Former Players Association (BRFPA) are delighted to announce that Billy Clark has agreed to be our first ever President.

Billy will be involved in as many BRFPA events as possible, and will be our figurehead: a fine example of loyalty and determination.

Billy is one of the few Rovers players in the modern era to have qualified for a testimonial, having spent just over a decade at Rovers, starting during the early days at Twerton Park and finishing with the first seasons at the Memorial Ground.

Billy Clark Testimonial Programme


As players came and went who could have known that Billy would loyally stay and stay and stay, amassing 295 senior appearances overall, and netting 17 goals, including an unusually large tally of seven in the 1994/95 season.

Although history often unfairly remembers him as ‘The Judge’ because of the enormity of time he spent sitting on the bench, his later years with Rovers saw him as a first choice centre back alongside Andy Tillson, and his earlier years could have been very different if it wasn’t for injuries and the emergence of Steve Yates.

In 2007 Billy returned to Rovers for almost two years as an Under-18 coach before becoming the Academy Coach for our old friends at Twerton Park. Billy’s footballing life had come full circle and he remains at Bath City today, yet another example of an ex-player who came to our loveable area and has never left.

For the full article please visit here

With thanks to Mike Jay & Stephen Byrne for letting me use their official Player Profile of Billy and the use of the black & white press photo of a young Mr.Clark

Various 1
Billy in conversation with Jamie Cureton at the inaugural Bristol Rovers Former Player’s Dinner in April 2017.


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