Introducing the BRFPA team – #1

Let’s introduce the team here at the newly formed Bristol Rovers Former Players Association (BRFPA).

Here’s #1, or should I say #6?

The Players Rep on the committee is none other than the legendary Vaughan Jones, and we hope he’ll be joined by another ex-player, or two, in the near future.

Vaughan Jones
Joner back in the day as the coolest left back in the business

Vaughan is of course remembered for being the Captain of the victorious Third Division Champions team in 1989/90, and for holding the 11th highest amount of senior appearances for Rovers (457 overall).

And he was the coolest left back in the country, and a top guy overall.  I bumped into him on the North Terrace once (many years ago, pre roof!) – him, Vaughan Jones, standing on OUR terrace.  What a guy.
Joner today, introducing the BRFPA to our inaugural Former Players Dinner in April 2017

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