How is your Rovers ‘Who’s Who’?

BRFPA Dinner - 28.4.2017

Full marks to anyone who can correctly place all 32 ex-players in our photo from the Inaugural Former Players Dinner in April 2017 – don’t forget the man hiding behind Phil Kite, nor the miscreant behind Christian McClean [the ‘Anfield’ cut gives that one away…].

To give you some help, here’s a full list of those attending, in their table partnerships.

  • Gerry Francis – Guest of Honour as ex-player and ex-manager
  • Vaughan Jones – Guest Speaker as Players’ Representative on the BRFPA Committee
  • Harold Jarman & Terry Oldfield
  • Graham Day & Joe Davis
  • Peter Aitken & Tom Stanton
  • Jim Eadie & Phil Kite
  • Paul Randall & Martin Thomas
  • Jeff Meacham & Nick Tanner
  • Gary Smart & Steve Yates
  • Christian McClean & David Mehew
  • Billy Clark & Andy Tillson
  • Frankie Bennett & Bob Bloomer
  • Josh Low & Steve White
  • Jamie Cureton & Barry Hayles
  • Simon Bryant & Lewis Hogg
  • Steve Elliott & Geoff Twentyman
  • Danny Coles & Phil Purnell

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